09-03-2020 --- BANDMEMBERS IN 2020

For the one-time-only final ZOD-show in 2020: Jupke, Jo, Bas & Robert will tear down the stage!!! ;)

17-07-2019 --- YEAR 2020 WITH Z.O.D.!

After several requests we just had to accept the invitation from our Metalnach Buchte friends to play one more time. The event will be at café De Bar in Buchten, Limburg (NL). Exact date is not known yet... but the band is complete again and will be ready in time!!!


It has been quite some time that we did our last show and even longer that we did a rehearsal with Bart Benante and Casper NOT Ian, but it was fucking amazing!!! After all this time (a couple of years have passed already), we hardly needed to figure out those old but great songs. As if we never stopped playing them and Bart and Casper never left. From the first sound to the last we had a very good time. We are really looking forward to hit the stage once (just once?) again!!!

15-01-2015 --- SPECIAL ZOD-SHOW

Jupke Milano could not resist and managed to get Bart Benante, Casper NOT Ian and Jo Lilker to agree on doing one more show. A special ZOD show for old times sake so to speak...Date was initially set to April 11th but has been moved to May 9th!!!

12-01-2014 --- JO QUIT

Last november Jo decided to quit.

30-10-2013 --- UPDATE

Due to continueing health issues of our drummer we have postponed all activities until further notice. As soon as Danny is up and running again, we'll re-start our march.

28-12-2012 --- 2013

We wish you all the best for next year (and all other upcoming years) !!!

20-12-2012 --- 2013 HERE WE COME!

Plans are that we are about to do great stuff in 2013 together with our friends from up North: Skelletons Of Society. We are really looking forward to that. Back on stage, that's all we want so let 2013 begin!!!

15-11-2012 --- UPDATE

We've succesfully completed our first rehearsal with 2 newbe's from the 045-region (it might just happen, you never know). So it looks like 046 and 045 are about to join forces to finally relive the best 80s Crossover band ever on this planet once again by tributing them through Z.O.D.
There's still a lot to be done but with some luck 2013 is once again a good year to rage some stages. Make way, you're gonna be caught in the Milano Mosh!!! ;)

12-11-2012 --- IT'S HAPPENING...RIGHT?

Is it? Really? Are we really going to have our first serious full length rehearsal after Martijn and Casper left the band? There's also going to be a drummer present who we haven't met yet but who has already practiced a couple of songs so....interesting... We'll keep you posted. 

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